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re-play spill proof cups
re-play spill proof cups

Why we love them...

Have you ever reached into your nappy bag only to discover that your tot's drink bottle has been upside down the whole time and now everything - EVERYTHING - is soaked? Or maybe said little one has carefully biffed their drink bottle onto the car seat next to them and it's leaked everywhere? Or maybe left it upside down on the couch?

Yeah. Probably, right? I know ALL of the above has happened to us at one point or other, and this is why we LOVE the Re-Play spill-proof sippys. My girls have been using theirs for about 2 years now and we are yet to have a leak! It means I don't have to worry about what bag I chuck the bottles in, whether they're drinking on the couch, and it also means they can keep a drink next to them throughout the night without me worrying about them soaking the bed with it.


Durable and leak-proof they are perfect for kindy and school bags, and are always on hand at home


So how do they work? It's pretty simple really. Re-Play uses a unique 's' shaped valve which provides a much better seal than a standard straight split or cross valve. The valve comes off for easy cleaning (we just use a small bottle brush from the supermarket) and as long as you put it back on securely - voila! Spill proof.

There's some other awesome features too - the shape of the cup tapers towards the bottom making it easy for small hands to hold, the surface is textured to prevent it slipping, and these bottles are super rugged. There's no flimsy plastic handles and thin plastic to crack here. Our girls' bottles have lived a hard life - dropped on concrete, thrown across rooms etc - and they are almost indestructible!

And like all Re-Play products these sippys are made from recycled milk bottles, are BPA, PVC and phthalate free, are FDA approved and are fully recyclable at the end of their life. Oh, and dishwasher safe!

The sippys are available in ten different colours and are only $13.95 each, or $26.95 for a pack of two.

How YOU can win yours...

We have a whopping ten (yes TEN!) Re-Play spill-proof cups to giveaway this month! That means ten wonderful winners will get a sippy to try! 

As always, entry is easy peasy! Just follow the three steps below:

FOLLOW us on Instagram or Facebook (or both!)

SHARE a photo that includes any product you have bought from And They Lived Green. That's right ANY of our products, it doesn't have to be related to our Product of the Month. The pic can be a photo of you or your family enjoying the product, a flat-lay, a quick review - anything really! As long as your pic includes a product you have purchased from us and the correct tags then you're in the draw!

If you're sharing on Instagram then simply tag us (see below) so we see your image, but if you're entering on Facebook be sure to share the picture on our page - we don't want to miss your entry!

TAG us @andtheylivedgreen in your image and use our competition hashtags: #andtheylivedgreen & #greenproductofthemonth

By sharing and tagging us in the pic you are giving us permission to repost your image - this could be on Facebook, Instagram or on our website - especially if you're the winner! Make sure you read our full terms and conditions below.

This month's prize consists of 10 Re-Play spill-proof cups. There are two available in five colours - aqua, sky blue, bright pink, red and navy. One cup will be randomly allocated per winner, and the colour is not exchangeable sorry!

Misha xx

kai carriers winner




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