Colouring Competition

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I will keep this short and simple, save the picture below, print it off, get your kids to colour it in.  To go 'in the draw' I think you should also have to 'find objects' I will pick two lucky winners for a snack stack, a bowl, a spoon (and the fork!) and a divided plate.  If you can colour the items in your favourite replay colour that would be great, then I know you have found them, both the key and the picture.

***  You have no idea how long it took me to find the snack stack ***

If you have a public page upload to instagram with the tag #ATLGreplaycolour.  Otherwise you can email and I will post up on my stories or the page.  

No skill needed to win - just have fun.  There might be some spot prizes along the way.  

I'm sure this can count as a 'free time' activity with Term 2 officially starting back tomorrow!

You can digitally colour too 

Open to NZ residents only



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