Organic Wonder Balm - 45 gm

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Sustainable l Organic
Description: Wonder Balm is an ideal gift for a new baby and the ideal balm to have in every family’s bathroom cabinet. Reach for this jar when there is a scratch, rash, bump, cut, dryness, sore, cradle cap and any other skin irritation. It is perfectly safe to use in every part of the body.  Exactly the same as bottom balm but nice to have seperate containers!
Description: Nature’s Child hero product with rave reviews on line. Moisturising and skincalming. Made specifically to manage nappy rash and other skin itching and dryness. Features • 100% ACO certified organic & natural • 100% Australian made • 100% Cruelty free • 100% Gluten free  • NO parabens, sulphates, phthalates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, synthetic fragrance, preservatives or suspected environmental toxins 
Ingredients:  All Nature’s Child balm ingredients are chosen for what are understood to be skin-calming effects. Through careful experimentation over the years, the right balance of ingredients have been found which are then blended to becomes the amazing little balm you know and love. Here is what is understood about each ingredient to explain why it has been included. 
• Sunflower Oil o A wonderful base oil because sunflower oil is rich in vitamin E and acts as an antioxidant in the body. • Sweet Almond Oil o Often avoided due to its high cost. Included because of its nourishing and antiinflammatory properties. Treats very dry skin because it is an outstanding emollient which means it can soften and soothe the skin. Families with eczema and psoriasis have found sweet almond oil to be helpful as part of a natural care routine. • Olive Oil o Believed to be a good antioxidant and moisturiser as well as cleanser with a long history of skin protection. Healthy oils that are welcome internally and externally. • Calendula o Infused in sunflower oil, calendula is historically an anti-inflammatory that is often credited with shifting stubborn wounds, rashes and eczema and can soothe sore, inflamed and itchy skin conditions. • Comfrey o Infused in sunflower oil, comfrey is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties so has been used for healing arthritis and gout in natural therapies. The naturally occurring properties in the plant comfrey include allantoin which is believed to boost the growth of new skin cells and rosmarinic acid which is thought to relieve pain and inflammation. • Tocopheryl o A wonderful skin softener. Assists in soothing rashes and hot, itchy skin. • Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil o Can calm the nervous system and assist with skin inflammations. Also known as a natural sedative. • Certified Organic Chamomile Essential Oil: This daisy-looking flower is considered to have calming and anti-inflammatory properties among other health benefits.  

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