Kai Carrier essentials pack

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The Kai Carrier Essentials Pack is great for those wanting to give Kai Carrier a try. The perfect starter pack, with all the essentials to get you started!

The pack includes:

  • 3x 140ml pouches with choke proof lids
  • 3x 300ml pouches
  • Kai Carrier Scrubbing Brush
  • Kai Carrier Funnel

The 140ml pouches are perfect for babies starting on solids or toddlers who enjoy being out and about. Fill with any combination of pureed food, yoghurt, smoothies or soups

The 300ml pouches are great for the bigger kids lunch boxes (smoothies, soup, yoghurt) or us adults! Use to store soup, pesto, homemade sauces, hummus or leftover tins of tomato paste or coconut cream. They are great for freezing as they take up very little space in the freezer.

Kai Carriers are reusable, washable and recyclable so they are a great, sustainable choice for waste-free lunchboxes and reducing other plastic waste in the home.

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