Kai Carrier large storage bag

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Kai Carriers are reusable food pouches that can be filled with nutritious homemade food for at home or on the go. 
Dimensions: 250mm x 350mm
Kai carrier large reusable storage bags will help reduce the amount of plastic wrap going into the landfill, while saving your family money.  Bake in bulk, batch cook and freeze without taking up precious freezer space with bulky containers. 
Not limited to food the storage bags are great for keeping phones and keys safe from sand and water on the beach or boat, or for storing damp facecloths for sticky hands and faces during picnic lunches! Even toys - from the pesky lose lego to LOL doll collections. 

Kai Carriers are reusable and recyclable so they are a great, sustainable choice for waste-free picnic lunches and reducing other plastic waste in the home.

I purchase the Kai Carriers as individual items so even if you purchase a pack it will come loose or in a brown paper bag, this is to eliminate the pack packaging and waste.  


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