Re-Play pre-school set
(17 colours available)

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Recycled | Ethically Made | Sustainable

The perfect starter set for you not-so-little eater! This set is designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers who are ready for their "big-kid" cups and slightly bigger meal portions.

It's a great way to try all of the Re-Play essentials before adding to your collection, and this set makes a perfect gift! Toddlers love having their own special meal set, plus all of the Re-Play products are designed specifically to help little ones learn to feed themselves.

This set includes:

- one Re-Play flat plate

- one Re-Play bowl

- one Re-Play tumbler

Choose a full set in one colour or mix and match with choose your own, just make a note at checkout

The flat plate's deep walls are ideal for little ones learning to feed themselves. The sides are gently curved to make it easier for children to scoop out their food - perfect for pre-schoolers learning to use utensils! Plus, the large section provides more flexibility for any meal. Re-Play flat plates also stack perfectly beneath the Re-Play divided plates so they take up minimal space in your cupboard.

Like the flat plates, the bowl also has deep walls and curved sides that make it easy for little ones to feed themselves. These bowls are perfect for soups, snacks and cereal, and can hold enough food for even the hungriest kid! 

The tumbler is perfect for the child that is just growing up too fast! If your little one is ready to say goodbye to sippy cups, then these are the perfect first cup. They are the perfect size - not too big, not too small. They are lightly textured and taper at the bottom so they are easy for little hands to wrap around and grip on to. Durable, lightweight and fun, and they are stackable for easy storage.

Better for your child, and better for your environment – they are made from BPA-free recycled plastic!

Made from #2, HDPE plastic so they are BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free. FDA approved.

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