Flat plates - individual
(21 colours available)

  • $8.00
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Recycled | Ethically Made | Sustainable

Hello pizza night! Now Re-Play has a plate to suit EVERY dinner!

Whether your little one has grown out of the divided plates, or you are just wanting to squeeze a bit more food on, these new flat plates are the answer! AND they stack handily underneath the divided plates so you can keep everything in one place.

The flat plate's deep walls are ideal for little ones learning to feed themselves. The sides are gently curved to make it easier for children to scoop out their food - perfect for toddlers learning to use utensils! Plus, the large section provides more flexibility for any meal.

Not only are they better for your child, they are better for your environment. These plates are made out of recycled polypropylene! They are made from a different recycled plastic than the rest of the Re-Play range in order to ensure that the plate retains its shape and rigidity during the manufacturing process. These new flat plates are slightly lighter (in weight) than the divided plates, but they are still approved for food safety. Made from #2, HDPE plastic so they are BPA-free, phthalate-free and PVC-free. FDA approved.

(Please note, price is for one plate only)

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