Kapakapa - Organic chocolate syrup

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Organic | Fair Trade | Ethically Made

The one and only Kapakapa chocolate syrup! Kapakapa is delicious as a drink, a chocolate sauce, or as a beautiful chocolatey ingredient in your favourite smoothie or dessert.

Kapakapa's rich flavour comes from its unique, all natural blend of carob and cacao, and it's totally free of any additives (natural or otherwise). This means no added preservatives, flavours, colours, sugar or sweeteners. Kapakapa is all natural, and is dairy and gluten free.

Kapakapa balances the bitter cocoa bean with the sweet carob pod, and the result is delicious! Both cocoa and carob are also high in protein, and contain dozens of vitamins and essential minerals. So not only does Kapakapa NOT have any nasties...it is also PACKED with nutritious goodness!

Size: 400 g

To use: To make Kapakapa hot chocolate, add two teaspoons (or more to taste) to a cup of milk. Gently heat it, and froth. Serve in a pre-warmed cup. (You can use hot water instead of milk for a dairy free option).

Other uses: Mix with cold milk to make a chocolate milkshake; serve over natural yogurt or ice-cream, or even over your porridge as a chocolate sauce. I love to add it to our smoothies!

Ingredients: Carob, water, cocoa*, cocoa mass*

(*organic and fair trade ingredients)

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