Nature Baby muslin sleeping bag <br>- Nature Baby

Nature Baby muslin sleeping bag
- Nature Baby

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Organic | Ethically Made

This organic sleeping bag aids restful sleep as it ensures baby is always lightly covered. Perfect for day time naps in the summer time. It is designed to provide the ultimate sleeping experience for baby, while still proving to be practical. No more wriggling out of the blankets for a better night's sleep for the whole family. Designed with a seat belt slot so baby can be transported from cot to car seat to pram without the need to remove the sleeping bag.

The Organic Muslin Sleeping Bag is made from two layers of double layered 100% organic muslin which is beautifully soft and breathable. It is the perfect fabric for a baby's delicate and sensitive skin. Wearing this silky soft luxurious muslin allows ventilation, absorbs body moisture and helps keep baby cool but lightly covered on warmer nights. Recommended for use in temperatures 24+ degrees

Caution, Low Fire Danger

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