Organic teething/nursing necklace – hazelnut and brown

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Organic | Ethically Made


This stylish, handcrafted necklace is perfect for mums to wear and babies to teethe on. Tactile and eye-catching, the beads are safe for baby to play with while nursing, bottle feeding or baby-wearing. Finally, teething jewellery that looks as good on Mum as it feels to baby!

Hazelnut wooden beads and chocolate organic crocheted beads.

100% organic, natural and eco-friendly. Made from wooden and crochet beads and using yarn that is EKO Certified Organic and fair trade. The yarn is hand dyed with plant-based pigments and natural mordants, so it is safe for baby to chew on.

Roughly 99 cm long and designed to sit at chest level on an adult, the necklace can be adjusted to tie at your desired length.

Please note: You should always supervise your baby with this necklace. Although it is designed to be safe for your child, you should use the same care you would with any jewellery around your baby.

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