The day we went to Away

The day we went to Away

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In a world of consumerism mixed with minimalism, cheap stores (and repeat) we are a society that throws things 'away' 
Where is away?  Journey with one girl as we go to the end of the earth in the most shaded corner to find away, and things are not quite as they seem. 

An excerpt from the story

"Oh, do you know, this place called Away, this place we throw things when they’ve no home to stay? Do you know where it is, this place so far, beyond the light’s reach and the furthest star?

Away, they call it, but no one’s ever been; its mountains, its colours, I’ve so far not seen. Who does live there and what do they know? Do they collect all the things that people throw? Are the mountains made of toys and trash, or are all things recycled and not piled in a stash?

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